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Work done by special order
Public Buildings (PBB) CHAPTER 44, ARTICLE 2
§ 20. Work done by special order. The commissioner of general services
shall determine when minor work of construction, reconstruction,
alteration or repair of any state building may be done by special order.
Special orders for such work shall be short-form contracts approved by
the attorney general and by the comptroller. No work shall be done by
special order in an amount in excess of one hundred thousand dollars and
a bond shall not be required for special orders. No work shall be done
by special order unless the commissioner has presented to the
comptroller evidence that he has made a diligent effort to obtain
competition sufficient to protect the interests of the state prior to
selecting the contractor to perform the work. Notwithstanding the
provisions of subdivision two of section eight of this chapter, work
done by special order under this section may be advertised solely
through the regular public notification service of the office of general
services. At least five days shall elapse between the first publication
of such public notice and the date so specified for the public opening
of bids. All payments on special orders shall be made on the certificate
of the commissioner of general services and audited and approved by the
state comptroller. All special orders shall contain a clause that the
special order shall only be deemed executory to the extent of the moneys
available and no liability shall be incurred by the state beyond the
moneys available for the purpose.