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This entry was published on 2017-11-17
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Commissioner of General Services
Public Buildings (PBB) CHAPTER 44

Section 2. Public buildings.

2-a. Park north of capitol and east of the state education


2-b. State office building to be designated and known as the

"Perry B. Duryea, Jr. State Office Building".

2-c. Research tower at the Institute for Basic Research in

Developmental Disabilities to be named the "Dr. Henryk

Wisniewski Research Tower".

2-c*2. State office building to be designated and known as the

"Shirley Chisholm State Office Building".

3. General powers and duties of the commissioner of general


4. Rooms for the Grand Army of the Republic and United

Spanish War Veterans.

5. Quarters for Veterans of Foreign Wars.

5-a. Quarters for Disabled American Veterans.

5-b. Quarters for Vietnam Veterans of America.

5-c. Samuel J. Abbott commemorative plaque.

5-c*2. POW/MIA chair and plaque in the capitol.

6. Construction plans; custody; approval; and procedure

notwithstanding local requirements.

8. Contracts.

9. Construction emergencies.

10. Disposal of buildings and improvements on state lands, or

on lands under lease to the state.

11. Pilot program of bicycle parking facilities.

17. Payments.

18. Change in contracts.

19. Manner of doing work or acquiring material.

20. Work done by special order.

21. Removal, relocation and payment of costs thereof of

certain water mains, sewer pipes and other facilities

owned by municipalities or public service corporations.

22. When appropriations are available; appropriations for two

or more objects.

23. Completion of existing contracts.

24. Application of article to mental hygiene construction.