1. The Laws of New York
  2. Consolidated Laws
  3. Public Buildings
  4. Article 2: Commissioner of General Services

Section 6 Construction plans; custody; approval; and procedure notwithstanding local requirements

Public Buildings (PBB)

Construction plans; custody; approval; and procedure notwithstanding local requirements. The office of general services shall have the custody of all plans, specifications, books and records of such office which pertain to architecture. The commissioner of general services shall prepare the drawings and specifications for and supervise the construction of all new buildings erected at the expense of the state, except as otherwise provided by law; shall also prepare the drawings and specifications for reconstruction and for all additions to existing buildings, and for the alteration or improvement thereof, and shall see that the materials furnished and the work performed in constructing, reconstructing, altering or improving any such building are in accordance with such drawings and specifications, and that the interests of the state are fully protected.

  Notwithstanding any inconsistent provisions of law, the commissioner of general services may by rules delegate to the agency or department having custody of any public building full responsibility for the preparation of plans and specifications and the supervision of minor, routine or uncomplicated construction, reconstruction, alteration, improvement or repair of any such building, providing the value of such work shall not exceed one hundred fifty thousand dollars.

  All the provisions of this chapter that relate to state buildings shall, insofar as may be practicable, also apply to the improvement of grounds owned by the state.

  No municipality of the state shall have power to modify or change plans or specifications for the erection, reconstruction, alteration or improvement of state buildings, or the construction, plumbing, heating, lighting or other mechanical branch of work necessary to complete the work in question, nor to require that any person, firm or corporation employed on any such work shall perform said work in any other or different manner than that provided by said contract and specifications, nor to obtain any other or additional authority or permit from such municipality, department or person as a condition of doing such work, nor shall any condition whatever be imposed by any such municipality in relation to the work under the supervision of the commissioner of general services, but such work shall be under the sole control of such commissioner in accordance with the drawings, plans, specifications and contracts in relation thereto; and the doing of any such work for the state by any person, firm or corporation in accordance with the terms of such contract, plans or specifications shall not subject said person, firm or corporation to any liability or penalty, civil or criminal, other than as may be stated in such contract and specifications or incidental to the proper enforcement thereof. The commissioner of general services shall prepare necessary contracts, to be approved as to form and execution by the attorney-general, which shall be used in all work let by contract and no payment shall be made on any such contract except upon official certificate of such commissioner after audit by the comptroller.