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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Municipal Housing Authorities
Public Housing (PBG) CHAPTER 44-A

Section 30. Organization of authorities.

31. Scope of authority's jurisdiction.

32. Officers and employees; compensation and expenses.

33. Transfer of officers and employees.

34. Vacancies and removals.

35. Non-liability of authority members.

36. Disqualification of members and employees of authorities.

37. Powers of authority.


39. Projects financed solely by authorities.

40. Aid from and cooperation with federal government.

41. Power to issue authority bonds.

42. Provisions of authority bonds.

44. Signature on authority bonds.

45. Repurchase of authority bonds.

46. Suit on authority bonds.

47. Bond covenants of an authority.

48. Guaranteed indebtedness of an authority.

49. Authority obligations as legal investments and legal

security for deposits by public officers.

50. Foreclosure and other remedies against an authority.

51. Liability of state or municipality.

52. Tax exemptions of an authority.

53. Depositories of authority funds.

54. Filing by authority of by-laws, rules and regulations.

55. Projects undertaken by municipalities.

55-a. Facilities incidental or appurtenant to a project.

56. Authorities created prior to the enactment of this


57. Dissolution of authorities.

58. Sale or lease of municipal projects by authorities.

58-a. Sale of dwelling units by authorities.

58-b. Sale or lease of project in connection with federal

program of assistance for low income housing.

59. Disposal of records.

60. Reproduction of records.

61. Tenant meetings in common areas.