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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Realty subdivisions; local regulations
Public Health (PBH) CHAPTER 45, ARTICLE 11, TITLE 2
§ 1118. Realty subdivisions; local regulations. 1. Any city or county
which has established or establishes a city, county or part-county
department of health may adopt regulations for the control of such
developments. Regulations adopted by a county or city board of health
may include, but not be limited to, establishment of such requirements
as it may deem necessary to guarantee the installation of such water
supply in accordance with the plans heretofore or hereinafter approved
by the county or city department of health or any approved revision or
revisions thereof.

2. Nothing contained in sections one thousand one hundred fifteen to
one thousand one hundred eighteen of this chapter, inclusive, shall be
construed to delegate the general powers of the department of
environmental conservation nor to impair nor to deprive such department
of its powers and functions as now provided by law.