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Public Health

AN ACT in relation to the public health, constituting chapter

forty-five of the consolidated laws
Became a law April 20, 1953, with the approval of the Governor. Passed,

by a majority vote, three-fifths being present

The People of the State of New York, represented in Senate and
Assembly, do enact as follows:



1. Short title and definitions: general provisions

Title I. Short title and definitions (§§1-2).

II. General provisions (§§10-24).

III. Office of the medicaid inspector general


2. The department of health.

Title I. Officers and employees (§§200--211-a).

II. The public health council (§§220-229).

II-A. Professional medical conduct (§§230--230-e).

* II-B. New York state health services corps


* NB Expired July 18, 1996

II-C. Charles D. Cook office of rural health


II-D. Health care practitioner referrals


II-E. HIV/HBV/HCV prevention training (§§239--239-b).

II-F. Office of minority health (§§240*-244*).

III. State health areas (§§240-243).

IV. Spinal cord injury research board (§§250-251).

V. Health care practitioner volunteer pilot

program (§260).

V*. Obesity prevention act (§§260*-263).

5-A. Empire State Stem Cell Board (§§ 265--265-f).

VI. Women's Health (§§ 266-268).

6-A. The 21st century workgroup for disease

elimination and reduction (§ 266-a).

VII. NY State of Health (§§ 268-268-h).

8. Hunger prevention and nutrition assistance

program (§ 269).

2-A. Prescription drugs.

Title I. Preferred drug and clinical drug review

programs (§§ 270-277).

II. Prescription drugs; various provisions (§§


III. Prescription forms, electronic prescribing and

language assistance (§ 281).

2-B. Drug take back (§§ 290-294).

3. Local health organization.

Title I. Local boards of health; general provisions


II. Local health officers (§§320-329).

III. County and part-county health districts


IV. Certain cities (§§360-378).

V. State park health districts (§§380-383).

VI. Consolidated health districts (§§390-399).

4. Property and hospitals in the department of health

Title I. General provisions (§§401-410).

II. Hospitals; boards of visitors (§§420-425).

IV. Hospitals; officers and employees (§§450-455).

4-A. Regulation of body piercing and tattooing (§§460-467).

4-B. Tongue-splitting (§470).

5. Laboratories

Title I. General provisions: state laboratories;

approved laboratories (§§500-506).

II. County laboratories (§§520-528).

III. City laboratories (§§540-545).

IV. Laboratory supply stations (§§560-563).

V. Clinical laboratory and blood banking services


VI. Laboratory business practices (§§585-588).

6. State aid to cities and counties

Title I. State aid for basic services (§§600-607).

II. State aid for additional services (§§608-613).

III. State aid; general provisions (§§614-621).

6-A. Rape crisis intervention and prevention program


7. Federal grants-in-aid (§§700-703).

8. State health research council (§§800-803).

9. Primary care education and training (§§900-907).

9-A. New York state small business health insurance partnership

program (§§921-922).

9-B. Primary Care Service Corps Practitioner Loan Repayment

Program (§§923-924).

11. Public water supplies; sewerage and sewage control

Title I. Potable waters (§§1100--1114-a).

II. Realty subdivisions: water supply


II-A. Water supply emergency plans (§1125).

III. Annual water supply statement (§§1150-1153).

IV. Drinking water revolving fund (§§1160-1169).

13. Nuisances and sanitation

Title I. General provisions: control and abatement


II. Noxious weeds and growths (§§1320-1321).

III. Tenement house sanitation (§1325).

IV. Labor camp sanitation (§1330).

V. Suppression of certain businesses


VI. Bathing establishments (§§1340-1342).

VII. Hotel sanitation (§§1345-1348).

VIII. Food handling (§§1350-1356).

IX. Location and disposition of radioactive gold

jewelry (§1360).

X. Control of lead poisoning (§§1370-1377).

XI. State aid; planning for construction of solid

waste management facilities (§§1380-1383).

XII. Toxic substances (§§1385-1389).

XII-A. Inactive hazardous waste disposal sites


XIII. Storage, treatment and disposal of infectious

waste (§§1389-aa--1389-gg).

13-A. State camp safety advisory council (§1390).

13-B. Regulation of overnight, summer day, and traveling summer day

camps for children (§§1391-1396).

13-D. Regulation of housing; used as accommodations by employees of

certain motels and hotels (§§1399-j--1399-m).

13-E. Regulation of smoking and vaping in certain public areas


13-F. Regulation of tobacco products and herbal cigarettes;

distribution to minors (§§1399-aa--1399-mm-3).

13-G. Tobacco escrow funds (§§1399-nn--1399-pp).

13-H. Regulation of sharps (§§1399-ss--1399-ww).

14. Regulation of camps for children (§§1400-1407).

15. Insect control

Title I. Municipal insect control (§§1500-1503).

II. County insect control (§§1520-1531).

16. Pesticide control board (§§1601-1609).

17. Ingredient disclosures for vapor products and e-cigarettes

(§§ 1700-1702).

20. Reporting of Alzheimer's Disease (§§2000--2004-a).

20-a. Alzheimer's Community Assistance Program (§§2005-2009).

21. Control of acute communicable diseases

Title I. General provisions (§§2100-2112).

II. Control of patients (§§2120-2125).

III. Human immunodeficiency virus (§§2130-2139).

IV. Rabies (§§2140-2146).

V. Typhoid fever (§§2150-2153).

VI. Poliomyelitis and Other Diseases (§§2160-2169).

VII. Hepatitis C (§§2170-2171).

8. Novel coronavirus, COVID-19 (§§2180-2183).

21-A. Long-term care resident and employee immunization act


22. Control of tuberculosis

Title I. General provisions (§§2200-2207).

II. Control (§§2221-2230).

23. Control of sexually transmissible diseases

Title I. Care and treatment (§§2300-2312).

II. Houses of prostitution: injunction and

abatement (§§2320-2334).

24. Control of malignant diseases

Title I. General provisions (§§2400--2404-d).

Title I-A. Cancer Detection and Education Program


Title I-B. Health Research Science Board (§§2410-2413).

II. State institute for the study of malignant

diseases (§§2420-2423).

24-A. Protection of human subjects (§§2440-2446).

24-B. Information program on dioxin (§2475).

24-C. Information program on low-level radioactive waste (§2485).

24-D. New York state occupational health clinics oversight

committee (§§2490--2490-a).

24-E. Information about hysterectomy (§§2495--2499-a).

25. Maternal and child health

Title I. General provisions (§§2500--2509-c).

I-A. Child health insurance plan (§§2510-2511).

1-B. Adolescent pregnancy prevention and services

program (§§ 2515-2515-c).

II. Prenatal care (§§2522-2532).

II-A. Early intervention program for infants and

toddlers with disabilities and their families


IV. Institutions for children (§§2570-2575).

V. Children with physical disabilities


VI*. Federal child care and adult food program


* VI. Emergency nutrition aid program for pregnant

women and adolescents (§§2590-2592)

* NB Expired March 31, 1986

VII. Youth sports (§ 2595).

VIII. Childhood obesity prevention program


25-A. Reproductive health act (§§ 2599-aa--2599-bb).

25-B. Gestational surrogacy (§ 2599-cc).

26. Helen Hayes Hospital (§§2600-2602).

26-A. New York state veterans' home (§§2630-2635).

27. Bureau of chronic disease and geriatrics (§§2700-2702).

27-A. Osteoporosis prevention and education (§§2705-2706).

27-AA. New York state kidney disease institute (§§ 2710-2712).

27-B. Treatment of hypertension.

Title I. Mary Lasker Heart and Hypertension Institute


II. Centers for the treatment of hypertension


27-C. Birth defects institute (§§2730-2733).

27-CC. New York state traumatic brain injury program (§§2740-2744).

27-CCC. Leukemia, lymphoma and myeloma research, education and

treatment program (§ 2747).

27-D. New York state burns care institute (§§2750-2752).

27-DD. State advisory panel on HIV/HBV infected health care workers


27-E. The acquired immune deficiency syndrome institute


27-F. HIV and AIDS related information (§§2780-2787).

27-H*. Diabetes research and education program (§2796).

27-H. The Tick-Borne Disease Institute (§§2797--2798).

27-K. New York Wellness Works (§§2799-o--2799-r).

28. Hospitals (§§2800-2830).

28-A. Nursing home companies (§§2850-2869).

28-B. Hospital mortgage loan construction (§§2870-2883).

28-C. Nurse manpower center (§§2890-2892).

28-D. Practice of nursing home administration

Title I. General provisions and public policy


II. Licensing and registration (§§2896--2896-h).

III. Violations; penalties (§§2897--2897-d).

IV. Construction (§§2898--2898-a).

28-E. Review of criminal history information concerning prospective

employees of nursing homes and home care services agencies


29. Hospital survey, planning and review (§§2901-2907).

29-A. Access to community health care services in rural areas.

Title I. Rural health care access (§§2950-2958).

1-A. Rural dentistry pilot program (§2958-a).

29-AA. Patient centered medical homes (§ 2959-a).

29-B. Orders not to resuscitate (§§2960-2979).

29-C. Health care agents and proxies (§§2980-2994).

29-CC. Family health care decisions act (§§ 2994-a--2994-u).

29-CCC. Nonhospital orders not to resuscitate (§§ 2994-aa--2994-gg).

29-CCCC. CARE act (caregiver advise, record and enable act)

(§§ 2994-hh--2994-mm).

29-D. Health information and quality improvement.

Title I. Health information (§§2995--2997-f-1).

1-A. Safe patient handling (§§2997-g--2997-l).

II. Quality improvement (§§2998--2999-a).

3. Pay for performance (§§2999-b--2999-f).

4. New York state medical indemnity fund


5. New York state hospital quality initiative


29-E. Accountable care organizations demonstration program (§§


29-EE. Program of all-inclusive care for the elderly (§§


29-F. Improved integration of health care and financing (§§


29-G. Telehealth delivery of services (§§ 2999-cc--2999-ee).

29-I. Medical services for foster children (§ 2999-gg).

29-J. Medical respite program (§ 2999-hh).

29-K. Registration of temporary health care services agencies and

health care technology platforms (§§ 2999-ii--2999-mm).

30. Emergency medical services (§§3000-3034).

30-A. Emergency medical services personnel training act of nineteen

hundred eighty-six (§§3050-3054).

30-B. Emergency medical, trauma and disaster care (§§3060-3066).

30-C. Emergency medical services for children (§§3070-3075).

31. Human blood and transfusion services

Title I. General provisions (§3100).

II. Regulation of the business of blood donating


III. Blood donors of the age of eighteen years or

over (§§3123-3124).

32. Live pathogenic microorganisms or viruses (§§3200-3203).

32-A. Recombinant DNA Experiments (§§3220-3223).

33. Controlled substances

Title I. General provisions (§§3300-3309-a).

II. Manufacture and distribution of controlled

substances (§§3310-3322).

2-A. Opioid stewardship act (§ 3323).

III. Research, instructional activities, and

chemical analysis relating to controlled

substances (§§3324-3329).

IV. Dispensing to ultimate users (§§3330-3345).

V. Dispensing to addicts and habitual users


V-A. Medical use of marihuana (§§ 3360--3369-e).

VI. Records and reports (§§3370-3374).

VII. Offenses, violations and enforcement


33-A. Controlled substances therapeutic research act


33-B Regulation of cannabinoid hemp and hemp extract (§§


34. Funeral directing

Title I. General provisions (§§3400-3404).

II. Licensing and registration (§§3420-3429).

III. Practice of funeral directing; funeral

establishments (§§3440-3444).

IV. Enforcement and discipline; violations and

penalties (§§3450-3457).

35. Practice of x-ray technology

Title I. General provisions and public policy


II. Licensing and registration (§§3502-3509).

III. Violations; penalties (§§3510-3514).

IV. Construction (§§3515-3518).

35-A. Ultraviolet radiation devices (§§3550-3556).

36. Home Care Services (§§3600-3622).

36-A. Medical equipment service agencies (§§3650-3656).

37. Physician's assistants and specialist's assistants


37-A. Specialist assistants (§ 3710-3711).

38. Veterans health manpower center (§§3800-3803).

39. New York State Center for Agricultural Medicine and Health


40. Hospice (§§4000-4015).

41. Vital statistics

Title I. General provisions (§§4100-4104).

II. Registration districts: registrars, physicians,

midwives and funeral directors (§§ 4120-4124).

III. Registration of births (§§4130--4138-e).

III-A. Filing of certificates of dissolution of

marriage (§4139).

IV. Registration of deaths; burial permits


V. Registration of fetal deaths (§§4160-4163).

V-A. Induced viable births.

VI. Registration of persons in institutions


VII. Vital statistics records (§§4170-4179).

42. Cadavers

Title I. Disposition (§§4200-4203).

II. Autopsy and dissection (§§4209-4222).

43. Anatomical gifts (§§4300-4310).

43-A. Request for consent to an anatomical gift (§4351).

43-B. Organ procurement and donor support

Title 1. Organ, tissue and body parts procurement and

storage (§§4360-4369).

2. Living organ donation (§§4370-4372).

44. Health maintenance organizations (§§4400-4416).

45. Medical referral services (§§4500-4503).

45-A. Disclosure of material transactions (§§ 4550-4552).

46. Continuing care retirement communities (§§4600-4624).

46-A. Fee-for-service continuing care retirement communities

demonstration program (§§4650-4676).

46-B. Assisted living.

Title I. Findings and definitions (§§4650*-4651*).

II. Assisted living (§§4652*-4653*).

III. Enhanced assisted living certificate


IV. General requirements (§§4656*-4663*).

47. Shared health facilities (§§4700-4718).

48. Toxic substances (§§4800-4808).

49. Utilization review.

Title I. Certification of agents and utilization review

process (§§4900-4908).

II. Right to external appeal (§§4910-4917).

50. Separability clause; saving clause; construction; laws

repealed; time of taking effect (§§5000-5003).