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Emergency Medical Services
Public Health (PBH) CHAPTER 45

Section 3000. Declaration of policy and statement of purpose.

3000-a. Emergency medical treatment.

3000-b. Automated external defibrillators: Public access


3000-c. Epinephrine auto-injector devices.

3000-d. Availability of resuscitation equipment in certain

public places.

3000-e. Rescue inhaler treatment devices.

3000-f. Automated external defibrillator; camps and youth sports


3001. Definitions.

3002. New York state emergency medical services council.

3002-a. State emergency medical advisory committee.

3003. Regional emergency medical services councils.

3003-a. EMS program agencies.

3003-b. Availability of ambulance service that provides

transportation by aircraft to store and distribute

blood and initiate and administer blood transfusions.

3004. Emergency medical services system and agency performance


3004-a. Regional emergency medical advisory committees.

3005. Ambulance service certificates.

3005-a. Staffing standards; ambulance services and advanced life

support first response services.

3005-b. Emergency medical technician five year re-certification

demonstration program.

3006. Quality improvement program.

3006-a. Patient privacy.

3007. Notice of alternative destination.

3008. Applications for determinations of public need.

3009. Continuation of existing services.

3010. Area of operation; transfers.

3011. Powers and duties of the department and the


3012. Enforcement.

3013. Immunity from liability.

3014. Construction.

3015. Separability.

3016. Continuance of rules and regulations.

3017. Emergency medical service, Suffolk county.

3018. Community-based paramedicine demonstration program.

3020. Recruitment and retention.

3030. Advanced life support services.

3031. Advanced life support system.

3032. State emergency medical services task force.

3033. Rules and regulations.

3034. Rules and regulations.