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This entry was published on 2018-07-06
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Emergency medical technician five year re-certification demonstration program
Public Health (PBH) CHAPTER 45, ARTICLE 30
* § 3005-b. Emergency medical technician five year re-certification
demonstration program. 1. There is hereby created within the department
a demonstration program (referred to in this section as the "program")
to allow emergency medical technicians and advanced emergency medical
technicians who have been in continuous practice and who have
demonstrated competence in applicable behavioral and performance
objectives, to be re-certified for a five year period. No person shall
be re-certified under the program unless he or she has completed at
least one hundred thirty hours of instruction in emergency medical
services as approved by the commissioner including but not limited to
pediatrics, geriatrics, environmental emergencies, legal issues,
emergency vehicle operations course and medical emergencies. Renewals of
certification under the program shall be deemed equivalent to renewals
under subdivision two of section three thousand two of this article.

2. The program shall be limited to persons who are employed by the New
York city fire department or who are in practice in the following
counties: Delaware, Fulton, Hamilton, Montgomery, Nassau, Otsego,
Schoharie or Suffolk. The commissioner may limit the number of
participants in the program, except that such limit shall be no less
than four thousand participants.

3. Within a year after implementing the program and annually
thereafter, the commissioner shall report to the governor and the
legislature on the impact of the program on the quality of patient care
and the effectiveness of the program in retaining and recruiting
certified emergency medical technicians and advanced emergency medical

4. The commissioner, in consultation with the state emergency medical
services council, shall make regulations necessary to implement this

* NB Repealed July 1, 2023