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This entry was published on 2022-04-22
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Home Care Services
Public Health (PBH) CHAPTER 45

Section 3600. Declaration of legislative findings and intent.

3602. Definitions.

3605. Licensure of home care services agencies.

3605-a. Proceedings involving the license of a home care

services agency.

3605-b. Registration of licensed home care services agencies.

3605-c. Authorization to enroll and provide medical assistance.

3606. Establishment of certified home health agencies.

3606-a. Certified home health agency construction.

3607. Grants for expansion of services.

3608. Certification of home care services agencies.

3609. Grants for planning an establishment of new certified

home health agencies.

3610. Authorization to provide a long term home health care


3611. Operation of home care services agency.

3611-a. Change in the operator or owner.

3612. Powers and duties of commissioner and state hospital

review and planning council.

3613. Home care services workers.

3614. Payments for certified home health agency services, long

term home health care programs and AIDS home care


3614-a. Home care provider assessments.

3614-b. Licensed home care services agencies assessments.

3614-c. Home care worker wage parity.

3614-d. Universal standards for coding of payment for medical

assistance claims for long term care.

3614-e. Electronic payment of claims.

3614-f. Home care minimum wage increase.

3615. State aid to certified home health agencies.

3616. Provision of certified home health agency services, long

term home health care programs and AIDS home care


3616-a. Quality assurance.

3617. Respite projects.

3618. Continuation of existing home health agencies.

3619. Exempt agencies.

3620. Authorization to provide an AIDS home care program.

3621. Payment of claims.

3622. Separability.