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This entry was published on 2022-04-22
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Health Maintenance Organizations
Public Health (PBH) CHAPTER 45

Section 4400. Statement of policy and purposes.

4401. Definitions.

4402. Health maintenance organizations; application for

certificate of authority.

4403. Health maintenance organizations; issuance of

certificate of authority.

4403-a. Special purpose certificate of authority.

4403-b. Development of comprehensive health services plans.

4403-c. Comprehensive HIV special needs plan certification.

4403-d. Special needs managed care plans.

4403-e. Primary care partial capitation providers; partial

capitation certificate of authority.

4403-f. Managed long term care plans.

4403-g. Developmental disability individual support and care

coordination organizations.

4404. Health maintenance organizations; continuance of

certificate of authority.

4405. Health maintenance organizations; powers.

4405-a. Immunizations against poliomyelitis, mumps, measles,

diphtheria and rubella.

4405-b. Duty to report.

4406. Health maintenance organizations; regulation of


4406-a. Arbitration provisions of health maintenance

organization contracts.

4406-b. Primary and preventive obstetric and gynecologic care.

4406-c. Prohibitions.

4406-d. Health care professional applications and


4406-e. Access to end of life care.

4406-f. Maternal depression screenings.

4406-g. Telehealth delivery of services.

4406-h. Health care facility applications.

4407. Health maintenance organizations; employer


4408. Disclosure of information.

4408-a. Integrated delivery systems.

4408-a*2. Grievance procedure.

4409. Health maintenance organizations; examinations.

4410. Health maintenance organizations; professional


4411. Construction.

4412. Separability.

4413. Savings clause.

4414. Health care compliance programs.

4416. Excess reserves of certain health maintenance