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This entry was published on 2015-03-20
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Continuing Care Retirement Communities
Public Health (PBH) CHAPTER 45

Section 4600. Legislative findings and purpose.

4601. Definitions.

4602. Continuing care retirement community council; powers and


4603. Commissioner; powers and duties.

4603-a. Residential health care demonstration facilities.

4604. Certificate of authority required; application and


4604-a. Council approval required for industrial development

agency financing in connection with continuing care

retirement communities.

4605. Certificate of authority; authority of operator.

4605-a. Certificate of authority; authority to offer continuing

care at home contracts.

4605-b. Certificate of authority; limitation on continuing care

at home contracts.

4606. Initial disclosure statement.

4607. Annual statement.

4608. Contracts.

4608-a. Continuing care at home requirements.

4609. Withdrawal, death or dismissal of person; refund.

4610. Entrance fee escrow account.

4611. Reserves and supporting assets.

4612. Residents' organizations.

4613. Advertisements.

4614. Audits.

4615. Revocation, suspension or annulment of certificate of


4616. Appointment of a caretaker.

4617. Receiverships.

4618. Civil action.

4619. Criminal penalties.

4620. Separability.

4621. Priority reservation agreements; prior to obtaining a

certificate of authority.

4622. Priority reservation agreements; after obtaining a

certificate of authority.

4623. Long term care insurance and continuing care retirement

contracts or continuing care at home contracts.

4624. Continuing care retirement communities making assurances

regarding long term care.