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Permit requirements
Public Health (PBH) CHAPTER 45, ARTICLE 13-B
§ 1393. Permit requirements. 1. No person, firm, corporation, or
association shall operate a children's overnight, summer day, or
traveling summer day camp without first obtaining a permit from an

2. An officer shall issue a permit if, after inspection, the
children's overnight, summer day, or traveling summer day camp is in
compliance with this chapter and the sanitary code. All permits shall
expire one year from the date of issuance of such permit or upon such
earlier date as specified by such officer which date shall in no event
be earlier than the latest date that such camps may remain open pursuant
to regulations prescribed by the commissioner. Nothing in this section
shall be construed to limit the responsibilities and duties of
compliance arising out of any other provision of law.

3. Notwithstanding any other provision of law, an officer in issuing a
permit may waive any requirement of the sanitary code setting a minimum
standard of floor space per camper in a camp's sleeping quarters. Such a
waiver may be granted upon written application therefor, and shall be
accompanied by a statement by the officer of the specific terms and
conditions under which the waiver shall have been granted. Such waivers
may be granted only to camps constructed prior to January first,
nineteen hundred seventy-five. An officer shall grant such waiver where
the application therefor is accompanied by a written certification by
the local health officer of its need or desirability to avoid an
immediate undue hardship upon the operator which may result in the
closing of the children's overnight camp to prospective campers, and a
statement by the local health officer that the granting of a waiver
shall not present a hazard to public health and safety. All such waivers
shall expire on December thirty-first of the year in which they are
granted, but may be renewed for good and sufficient reason.

4. The fee for a permit shall be two hundred dollars, except that no
fee shall be charged in the case of a children's overnight, summer day
or traveling summer day camp operated by a person, firm, corporation or
association for charitable, philanthropic or religious purposes.

5. Any enrollment application forms and/or enrollment contract forms
mailed or delivered to a person for purposes of enrollment of a child
for any children's overnight, summer day, or traveling summer day camp
shall contain or be accompanied by a written statement which declares:

(a) that such camp is required to be licensed by the New York state
department of health;

(b) that such camp is required to be inspected twice yearly; and

(c) the address where inspection reports concerning such camp are