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This entry was published on 2021-07-30
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Camps for children with developmental disabilities
Public Health (PBH) CHAPTER 45, ARTICLE 13-B
* § 1394-c. Camps for children with developmental disabilities. 1.
Camps for children with developmental disabilities, as defined in
subpart 7-2.2 of part seven of chapter one of title ten of the New York
state codes, rules and regulations, and in compliance with the justice
center for the protection of people with special needs, shall be
authorized to employ or contract with any of the individuals licensed
under articles one hundred thirty-two, one hundred thirty-six, one
hundred fifty-six, one hundred fifty-nine, one hundred sixty-two and one
hundred sixty-seven of the education law, to provide professional
services between June first and September fifteenth. Individuals hired
under this section shall communicate with the camp health director when
medically necessary for the sole purpose of providing health services
that benefit campers and staff at the camp while the camp is in
operation. In cases where the camp health director's lawful scope of
practice is more limited than that of the licensed professional
providing services, the camp health director shall not supervise the
provision of such treatment, but shall be informed of such treatment as
medically necessary to ensure the well-being of the camper.

2. All decisions, identification or coordination of professional
services, or other professional interactions with campers and staff,
must be made based on the professional judgment of such licensees to
provide professional services within his or her lawful scope of practice
for the purpose of treating campers and staff during their attendance or
employment at such camp, pursuant to applicable regulations promulgated
by the commissioner in consultation with the commissioner of education.

3. Nothing in this section shall be construed to limit the authority
of another state agency if such state agency is otherwise authorized
under another provision of law to certify, license, contract or
authorize such camp, nor shall the authority to hire licensed
professionals pursuant to this section be construed to provide an
exemption of such camp from any certification, licensure, or any other
such requirement established by such state agency or under any other
provision of law.

* NB Effective July 16, 2022