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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Public Health (PBH) CHAPTER 45, ARTICLE 14
§ 1400. Definitions. As used in this article:

1. "Children's camp" or "camp" for the purpose of this article means
any children's overnight camp, as defined in section thirteen hundred
ninety-two of this chapter, children's summer day camp as defined in
section thirteen hundred ninety-two of this chapter and children's
traveling summer day camp as defined in section thirteen hundred
ninety-two of this chapter which is located without the state and
engages in any public solicitations, for deposits for, or contracts for
the purpose of enrollments, or accepts or makes any contract of
enrollment for any child residing in the state.

2. "Disclosure statement" means a written statement submitted
initially and/or amended annually containing such information as the
commissioner by regulation may require on forms to be prescribed by the
commissioner. In developing such disclosure statements, the
commissioner shall require any person, firm, corporation, or association
operating such camp to disclose information including but not be limited
to the following: (1) name and mailing address of such camp; (2) form of
the business organization and principal owners, officers or directors;
(3) name, address and state of incorporation, if applicable, of the
owner of such camp; (4) financial stability statements; (5) the
political subdivision in which such camp is located and the location of
the property within that subdivision; (6) physical features of the camp
including a map of the camp and such photographs as the commissioner may
require; (7) provisions for sanitary and disposal facilities and water
supply; (8) staffing ratios; (9) living and sleeping quarters; (10) food
service facilities; (11) recreational quarters and facilities and
occupancy limits; (12) insurance coverage including names and addresses
of carriers; (13) emergency health services; (14) medical services; (15)
results of inspections by local or state health and safety officials
within the past eighteen months; and (16) any other information which
the commissioner deems necessary.

3. "Short form disclosure statement" or "short form" means an
abbreviated version of the disclosure statement containing such
information from the disclosure statement as the commissioner may

4. "Parent" means the birth or adoptive parent, the guardian, or
person otherwise authorized to make a contract of enrollment for a