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Creation of pesticide control board
Public Health (PBH) CHAPTER 45, ARTICLE 16
§ 1603. Creation of pesticide control board. 1. There is hereby
created within the department of health a pesticide control board. Such
board shall have seven voting members, who shall be the commissioners of
agriculture and markets, commerce, conservation, education and health,
the industrial commissioner and the commissioner of transportation. In
addition, as advisory members, there shall be the dean of the New York
state college of agriculture at Cornell university, the dean of the New
York state college of forestry at Syracuse university, the dean of the
New York state veterinary college, the director of the New York state
agricultural experiment station at Geneva, and, to be appointed by the
governor, six members at least one of whom shall be the dean of a state
university college of medicine, one an ecologist, one a representative
of the pesticide manufacturing industry, one a representative of custom
applicators of pesticides and one a representative of organized

2. Advisory members appointed by the governor shall serve for terms of
three years, such terms to commence on July first and to expire on June
thirtieth; provided, however, that of the advisory members first
appointed, two shall be appointed for a one year term expiring on June
thirtieth, nineteen hundred sixty-five, and two shall be appointed for a
two year term expiring on June thirtieth, nineteen hundred sixty-six.
Each such advisory member shall hold office until his successor shall
have been appointed and qualified.

3. Each voting member and each ex-officio advisory member of such
board may, by official order filed in the office of the board, designate
a deputy or other representative in his department to perform his duties
under this article, except as provided in subdivision one of section
sixteen hundred six of this article.

4. The members of the board or their respective designees shall
receive no additional compensation for their services as members of the
board, but shall be allowed their actual and necessary expenses incurred
in the performance of their duties under this article.