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Functions, powers and duties
Public Health (PBH) CHAPTER 45, ARTICLE 16
§ 1606. Functions, powers and duties. 1. The board (a) may prepare and
recommend rules and regulations, or amendment or repeal thereof, for
controlling the use, transportation, storage and disposal of pesticides
consistent with the declared purpose of this article and (b) shall
designate the department or departments by whom such rules or
regulations shall be promulgated, administered and enforced in
accordance with the functions, powers and duties of such department or
departments prescribed by law. Such rules and regulations shall not be
effective until filed in the office of the department of state. Any such
action shall be taken only at a meeting upon the affirmative vote in
person or by mail of at least five voting members of the board,
exclusive of any deputy or other representative, after a meeting with
the advisory members of the board and consideration of available
scientific evidence.

2. To further the declared purpose of this article, the board shall
have the following functions, powers and duties:

(a) To formulate over-all policy in the state's programs for
regulating the use, transportation, storage and disposal of pesticides.

(b) To coordinate the activities and programs of member departments
concerned with the use and effects of pesticides.

(c) To cause such studies, research and investigations to be made as
it may deem advisable and necessary.

(d) To hold public hearings.

(e) To collect and compile information and data relating to the use
and effects of pesticides.

(f) To advise and assist state departments and agencies upon request.

(g) To inform the public concerning the state's efforts to regulate
the use of pesticides and to provide information concerning pesticides.

(i) To recommend that the use of specific pesticides be prohibited
under specified conditions.

(j) To consult and cooperate with the appropriate agencies of the
federal government or of other states to more effectively carry out its
functions, powers and duties hereunder.

(k) To do all things necessary or reasonable to carry out the
foregoing functions, powers and duties.