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Duties of department
Public Health (PBH) CHAPTER 45, ARTICLE 20
§ 2003. Duties of department. 1. Alzheimer's disease reports and data
shall be maintained by the department in a manner suitable for research
purposes, and shall be made available to persons as set forth in
subdivision two of this section.

2. Notwithstanding any inconsistent provision of law, all information
collected pursuant to this article shall be confidential insofar as the
identity of the individual patient is concerned and shall be used solely
for the purposes as provided in this article. Access to the information
shall be limited to the authorized employees of the department and
persons with a valid scientific interest and qualifications, as defined
by the commissioner, who are engaged in demographic, epidemiological or
other similar studies related to health, and who agree, in writing, to
maintain confidentiality as established by the commissioner.

3. The department shall maintain an accurate record of all persons who
are given access to the information contained in the Alzheimer's disease
reports. The record shall include the name of the person authorizing
access, the name, title and organizational affiliation of persons given
access, dates of access, and the specific purpose for which information
is to be used. The record of access shall be open to public inspection
during normal operating hours of the department.

4. Any person who, in violation of a written agreement to maintain
confidentiality, discloses any information provided pursuant to this
section, or who uses information provided pursuant to this section in a
manner other than that prescribed by the commissioner, may be denied
further access to any confidential information maintained by the