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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Contact tracing of cases of AIDS, HIV related illness or HIV infection
Public Health (PBH) CHAPTER 45, ARTICLE 21, TITLE 3
§ 2133. Contact tracing of cases of AIDS, HIV related illness or HIV
infection. 1. Every municipal health commissioner or the department's
district health officer, upon determination that such reported case or,
any other known case of HIV infection merits contact tracing in order to
protect the public health, shall personally or through their qualified
representatives notify the known contacts of the protected individual.
Such contact tracing shall be done consistent with protocols developed
pursuant to section twenty-one hundred thirty-seven of this title.

2. Such contact shall also be informed of (a) the nature of HIV, (b)
the known routes of transmission of the virus, (c) as circumstances may
require, the risks of prenatal and perinatal transmission, (d) actions
he or she can take to limit further transmission of the virus, (e) other
facilities or community based organizations which are accessible to the
person that provide counseling, medical care and treatment, further
information or other appropriate services for persons infected with HIV.

3. In notifying any contact identified in the course of any
investigation conducted pursuant to this section, the physician or
public health officer shall not disclose the identity of the protected
individual or the identify of any other contact.

4. A physician or public health officer making a notification to a
contact pursuant to this section shall make such notification in person
except where circumstances reasonably prevent doing so.