1. The Laws of New York
  2. Consolidated Laws
  3. Public Health
  4. Article 2: The Department of Health
  5. Title 2-B: New York State Health Services Corps

Section 232 Powers and duties

Public Health (PBH)

The commissioner shall, in consultation with the commissioners of education, correctional services, mental health, mental retardation and developmental disabilities and the president of the civil service commission, have the following powers and duties:

  1. To recruit and select health corps professionals for service in eligible institutions and facilities;

  2. To place health corps professionals in eligible institutions and facilities pursuant to agreements with the appropriate eligible institutions and facilities;

  3. To select recipients of scholarships and fellowships authorized pursuant to section two hundred thirty-three of this title;

  4. To develop criteria for the selection of students eligible for health corps scholarships or fellowships under the provisions of section two hundred thirty-three of this title, including, but not limited to, the student's academic achievement, previous work experience in their chosen health profession and a demonstrated interest in working with institutionalized populations or with persons infected with the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) or who have acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) or in a health care setting eligible pursuant to this title;

  5. To accept and expend any grants, awards or other funds or appropriations as may be available to effectuate the purposes of this title subject to the limitations as to the approval of expenditures and audit as prescribed for state funds by the state finance law; and

  6. To do any and all things necessary to carry out its functions, powers and duties and to effectuate the purposes of this title.

  * NB Expired July 18, 1996