1. The Laws of New York
  2. Consolidated Laws
  3. Public Health
  4. Article 24: Control of Malignant Diseases
  5. Title 1: General Provisions

Section 2401-A Skin cancer reporting

Public Health (PBH)

The department shall submit a written report every three years, commencing January first, two thousand eighteen, to the governor and the legislature on the incidence of skin cancer in the state of New York, by type and as a percentage of the overall number of reported cases of all types of cancer, as well as the associated causes of each type of skin cancer, if such causes are readily ascertainable. Such report shall be generated based on data gathered and reviewed pursuant to this title, and shall provide information which is as current as practicable; provided, however, a retrospective of the past ten years of information collected pursuant to this title and predominant trends associated with such information, as concerns skin cancer and its associated causes, shall be a component of such report and each report submitted thereafter. At the discretion of the commissioner, such reports may provide additional information other than the information required by this section. The first report created pursuant to this section shall be submitted one year after the effective date of this section. The reports generated pursuant to this section shall be made available to the public on the department's website.