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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Coordinated standards and procedures
Public Health (PBH) CHAPTER 45, ARTICLE 25, TITLE 2-A
§ 2551. Coordinated standards and procedures. 1. The state early
intervention service agencies shall jointly establish coordinated
standards and procedures for:

(a) early intervention services and evaluations;

(b) child find system and public awareness program; and

(c) programs and services, operating under the approval authority of
any state early intervention service agency, which include any early
intervention services or evaluations.

2. Such coordinated standards and procedures shall be designed to:

(a) enhance the objectives of this title, including the provision of
services in natural environments to the maximum extent possible;

(b) minimize duplicative and inconsistent regulations and practices
among the state early intervention service agencies;

(c) conform, to the extent appropriate, to existing standards and
procedures of state early intervention service agencies; and

(d) ensure that persons who provide early intervention services are
trained, or can demonstrate proficiency in principles of early childhood

3. Coordinated standards and procedures may include guidelines
suggesting appropriate early intervention services for enumerated
disabilities that are most frequently found in eligible children.

4. Coordinated standards and procedures may encompass or allow for
agreements among two or more such agencies.

5. Any standards promulgated by regulation or otherwise by any state
early intervention service agency governing early intervention services
or evaluations shall be consistent with the coordinated standards and

6. In the event of an inability to agree upon any coordinated standard
or procedure, any state early intervention service agency may refer the
issue to the early intervention coordinating council for its advice with
respect to the standard or procedure which the council shall provide to
the early intervention service agencies affected by the issue. The
commissioner, after obtaining such advice, shall adopt an appropriate
standard or procedure, provided however, that the commissioner may adopt
an interim standard or procedure while awaiting such advice.

7. The early intervention service agencies, in consultation with the
director of the budget, shall, where appropriate, require as a condition
of approval that evaluators and providers of early intervention services
participate in the medical assistance program.

8. The coordinated standards and procedures shall permit such
evaluators and providers of services to rely on subcontracts or other
written agreements with qualified professionals, or agencies employing
such professionals, provided that such professionals perform their
responsibilities in conformance with regulations of the commissioner and
that providers and evaluators fully disclose any such arrangements,
including any financial or personal interests, on all applications for

9. Coordinated standards and procedures may identify circumstances and
procedures under which an evaluator or service provider may be
disqualified under this title, including procedures whereby a
municipality may request such disqualification.