1. The Laws of New York
  2. Consolidated Laws
  3. Public Health
  4. Article 25: Maternal and Child Health
  5. Title 5: Children With Physical Disabilities

Section 2584 Children with physical disabilities; transportation

Public Health (PBH)

1. The department shall on its own initiative provide, within the limits of the appropriations made therefor, such transportation for such children with physical disabilities as in the judgment of the commissioner is needed to such places wherein the medical services outlined in section two thousand five hundred eighty-one of this chapter are administered or provided to such children.

  2. When the commissioner of health of any county or part-county health district or the medical director of the program for children with physical disabilities, or the department of health of the city of New York, in pursuance of section two thousand five hundred eighty-two of this chapter, shall issue an authorization for medical service for any child with physical disabilities, including among the expenses thereof transportation necessary to obtain such services, the commissioner, if he approves such order, shall issue a certificate to such effect, copies of which shall be filed with the clerk of the board of supervisors or other governing elective body of the county or chief fiscal officer of the city of New York and one in the office of the commissioner.