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This entry was published on 2017-08-04
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Functions, powers and duties
Public Health (PBH) CHAPTER 45, ARTICLE 27-AA
§ 2712. Functions, powers and duties. 1. In order to further the
declared purposes of this article, the institute shall have the
following functions, powers and duties:

(a) To conduct a survey of all of the existing facilities within the
state having to do with the diagnosis, evaluation and treatment of
patients with kidney disease and to prepare and submit its findings and
a specific program of action.

(b) To evaluate the need for the creation of local or regional
facilities and for the establishing of a major kidney research center.

(c) To develop and administer scientific investigations into the
cause, prevention, methods of treatment and cure of renal disease,
including research into transplantation of kidneys.

(d) To develop techniques for an effective method of mass testing for
the detection of kidney diseases and urinary tract infections.

(e) To develop more efficient methods of medical care for kidney
disease and to develop more effective and economical kidney dialysis

(f) To survey and evaluate the need for a program of professional
education and training for medical students, physicians and nurses in
the care and treatment of kidney diseases.

(h) To enter into such contracts and agreements with individuals,
colleges, universities, associations, corporations, municipalities and
other units of government as may be deemed necessary and advisable to
carry out the general intent and purposes of this article. Such
contracts may provide for payment by the state, within the limit of
funds available, for materials, equipment or services.

2. The commissioner may adopt rules and regulations necessary to
effectuate the purposes and provisions of this article.