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Uniform reports and accounting systems for hospital costs
Public Health (PBH) CHAPTER 45, ARTICLE 28
§ 2803-b. Uniform reports and accounting systems for hospital costs.
1. The council, after public hearings with respect to its proposed
systems of uniform hospital accounting and reporting, shall, by majority
vote of its members and subject to approval of the commissioner, adopt
and amend approved systems of uniform hospital accounting and reporting
which are designed to enable hospitals to fairly, accurately and
efficiently prepare the financial reports required by subdivision three
of this section. Existing systems of accounting and reporting used by
hospitals shall be examined and taken into consideration by the council
in carrying out its function pursuant to this section. The council shall
take such steps as are necessary to adopt the approved system of uniform
hospital accounting and reporting by January first, nineteen hundred

2. The council, where appropriate to reflect differences in hospital
size and services or in the method of providing or paying for hospital
and related services, may allow for modifications in the accounting
systems approved pursuant to subdivision one of this section.

3. Every organization which operates, conducts or maintains a
hospital, and the officers thereof, shall furnish to the department with
respect to each licensed hospital operated, conducted or maintained by
the organization, within one hundred twenty days after the close of each
fiscal year commencing after the adoption of systems of uniform hospital
accounting and reporting approved under subdivision one of this section,
all of the following reports on forms specified by the council:

(a) A balance sheet detailing the assets, liabilities and net worth of
the hospital at the end of its fiscal year;

(b) A statement of income, expenses, and operating surplus or deficit
for the annual period ending on the balance sheet date;

(c) A statement detailing the source of application of all funds
expended by the hospital for the period encompassed by the income
statement required by paragraph (b) of this subdivision;

(d) A report of hospital expenditures which allocates the costs of
nonrevenue-producing departments of a hospital to the other
nonrevenue-and revenue-producing centers which they serve. This report
shall be accompanied by a sufficiently detailed statistical report
containing data describing the hospital's basic services and patient
statistics which identifies costs related to categories of hospital
services delivered to patients by each department of the hospital, in
accordance with a list of such services required by the council pursuant
to subdivision one of this section.

4. The commissioner shall adopt forms of authentication for use by
hospital officers or licensed accountants preparing reports under this
section stating that each such officer or accountant making the
authentication believes that to the extent of his knowledge and
information each statement in the report is true.