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Disclosure of financial transactions
Public Health (PBH) CHAPTER 45, ARTICLE 28
§ 2805-a. Disclosure of financial transactions. 1. Every general
hospital operating under the provisions of this article shall file with
the commissioner of health within one hundred twenty days after the end
of its fiscal year a certified report showing its financial condition
and all of its financial transactions, including receipts and
expenditures during the fiscal year.

The report shall be in such form as shall disclose all financial
transactions as the commissioner of health may determine necessary to
disclose accurately and specifically the financial condition of each
hospital and its expenditures for the preceding year including but not
limited to:

(a) Its operations and accomplishments.

(b) Its receipts and disbursements, or revenues and expenses, during
such fiscal year in accordance with generally accepted accounting
principles by categories, clinical services and departments as set forth
under the by-laws of the institution and including but not limited to
salaries and other benefits, personnel expenses, operating expenses,
equipment and supplies, and all other direct and indirect disbursements
allocated to each department and clinical service.

(c) Assets and liabilities at the end of its fiscal year including the
status of reserves, depreciation, special or other funds, and including
the receipts and payments of these funds.

(d) Loans and investments, interest, rents and profits from
investments of the hospital.

(e) The location of any real property owned by the hospital.

2. Every general hospital shall also submit:

(a) A report of hospital expenses incurred in providing services
during the period covered by the reports required under this section for
which payment was not received and is not anticipated for such periods
for which pool distributions pursuant to section twenty-eight hundred
seven-c or section twenty-eight hundred seven-k of this article are made
related to such expenses. The report shall be completed in accordance
with regulations developed by the council and approved by the
commissioner which shall include definitions for bad debts and charity
care. The report shall identify as bad debts or charity care the cost of
services provided to emergency inpatients, non-emergency inpatients,
emergency ambulatory patients, clinic patients and referred or private
ambulatory patients for which the hospital did not receive and does not
anticipate payment.

(b) A statement of anticipated capital related expenses as defined in
subdivision eight of section twenty-eight hundred seven-c of this
article for the forthcoming calendar year at least one hundred twenty
days, or such shorter period as the commissioner shall determine, prior
to the commencement of such year. The report shall be completed in
accordance with subdivision eight of section twenty-eight hundred
seven-c of this article and any regulations adopted pursuant thereto.

3. Every general hospital shall submit a monthly report of gross
inpatient revenue received and within one hundred twenty days after the
end of the calendar year a certified annual report of gross inpatient
revenue received for hospital inpatient service provided on or after
January first, nineteen hundred eighty-eight through December
thirty-first, nineteen hundred ninety-nine and on and after January
first, two thousand. The reports shall be in such form as may be
prescribed by the commissioner to accurately disclose gross inpatient
revenue received.

4. The commissioner may, to effectuate the purpose of this article,
vary the nature of the report required according to the size or capacity
of the hospital.

The contents of all reports submitted hereunder shall be public
information and such reports shall be available for public inspection
under such conditions as the commissioner shall prescribe.

The commissioner of health when he has reasonable cause to believe
that the books or records do not accurately reflect the financial
condition and/or financial transactions of the hospital, may examine the
books and records of the hospital, subpoena witnesses and documents and
make such other investigation as is necessary to enable him to determine
the facts relative thereto.