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Examination of applicants
Public Health (PBH) CHAPTER 45, ARTICLE 28-D, TITLE 2
§ 2896-d. Examination of applicants. 1. Applicants for licensure as
nursing home administrators shall be required to pass an examination
encompassing the subject matter of the courses of study, instruction,
training and experience required by the board and certified by the

2. The examination may be administered by the department or by another
testing service certified by the commissioner pursuant to subdivision
one of this section. The applicant shall be responsible for all fees
charged by the authorized testing service for the administration of the

3. The department may require applicants to demonstrate eligibility
for licensure in accordance with section two thousand eight hundred
ninety-six-c of this title prior to taking the examination.

4. Following such examinations, the board shall review and rate the
examination results and shall submit to the department an official
report signed by its chairman and secretary stating the ratings of each
applicant and naming all applicants who successfully passed the

5. The board may accept in lieu of the requirements in paragraph (e)
of subdivision one of section two thousand eight hundred ninety-six-c of
this title, a certificate, registration or license issued by another
state or political subdivision of the United States on the basis of
qualifications and an examination satisfactory to the board. The
application fee shall accompany an application for persons.