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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Local boards of health; general powers and duties
Public Health (PBH) CHAPTER 45, ARTICLE 3, TITLE 1
§ 308. Local boards of health; general powers and duties. Subject to
the provisions of this chapter and of the sanitary code, every local
board of health shall:

(a) prescribe the duties and powers of the local health officer, who
shall be its chief executive officer;

(b) direct the local health officer in the performance of his duties;

(c) fix the compensation of the local health officer in accordance
with the provisions of section three hundred twenty-three of this

(d) make and publish, from time to time, such orders and regulations,
not inconsistent with the provisions of the sanitary code, as it may
deem necessary and proper for the preservation of life and health and
the execution and enforcement of this chapter in the municipality a copy
of such orders and regulations to be filed with the county health
commissioner, if any, otherwise with the state district health officer;

(e) make, without publication thereof, such orders and regulations for
the suppression of nuisances and concerning all other matters in its
judgment detrimental to the public health in special or individual
cases, not of general application, and serve copies thereof upon the
owner or occupant of any premises whereon such nuisances or other
matters may exist, or upon which may exist the cause of other nuisances
to other premises, or cause the same to be conspicuously posted thereon;

(f) maintain actions in any court of competent jurisdiction to
restrain by injunction violations of its orders and regulations, or
otherwise to enforce such orders and regulations.