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Local health officer; general powers and duties
Public Health (PBH) CHAPTER 45, ARTICLE 3, TITLE 2
§ 324. Local health officer; general powers and duties. 1. In
addition to such other duties as may be lawfully imposed upon him and
subject to the provisions of this chapter and the sanitary code, every
health officer shall:

(a) make an annual sanitary survey and maintain sanitary supervision
over the territory within his jurisdiction;

(b) make a sanitary inspection periodically of all places of public
assemblage, and report thereon to those responsible for the maintenance
of such places of public assemblage;

(c) promote the spread of information as to the causes, nature and
prevention of prevalent diseases, and the preservation and improvement
of health;

(d) take such steps as may be necessary to secure prompt and full
reports by physicians of reportable diseases and prompt and complete
registration of births and deaths;

(e) enforce within his jurisdiction the provisions of this chapter and
the sanitary code; and,

(f) attend conferences called by the commissioner or his authorized

2. The health officer may employ such persons as shall be necessary to
enable him to carry into effect the orders and regulations of the board
of health and the provisions of this chapter and of the sanitary code,
and fix their compensation within the limits of the appropriation

3. A health officer appointed for two or more towns or villages shall
have and exercise in each such town or village all the rights, powers,
duties and obligations conferred and imposed by law upon a health
officer therein, in the same manner as though appointed separately,
rather than jointly, by the local boards of health for each such town or