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This entry was published on 2019-01-18
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Safe disposal of unused controlled substances
Public Health (PBH) CHAPTER 45, ARTICLE 33, TITLE 4
§ 3343-b. Safe disposal of unused controlled substances. 1. The
department shall oversee a program for the safe disposal of unused
controlled substances by consumers in accordance with federal law and
article two-B of this chapter. Individual members of the public shall be
authorized to voluntarily surrender controlled substances listed on
schedule II, III, IV or V of section thirty-three hundred six of this
article in a secure manner, without identifying themselves. Safe
disposal methods shall be publicized consistent with the prescription
pain medication awareness program established pursuant to section
thirty-three hundred nine-a of this article and article two-B of this

2. The surrender of a controlled substance pursuant to this section
and article two-B of this chapter shall not constitute the possession,
transfer or sale of such controlled substance for purposes of this
article or the penal law.

3. Except as provided in article two-B of this chapter, disposal sites
shall be operated by law enforcement agencies, pharmacies and other
Federal Drug Enforcement Administration authorized collectors on a
voluntary basis, provided, however, that such disposal sites shall not
be precluded from operating as part of a drug take back program
established pursuant to article two-B of this chapter. Nothing in this
section shall require any political subdivision of the state to
participate in the program established in this section.