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This entry was published on 2021-04-02
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Public Health (PBH) CHAPTER 45, ARTICLE 33-B
* § 3398-s. Prohibitions. 1. Except as authorized by the United States
food and drug administration, the processing of cannabinoid hemp or hemp
extract used for human consumption is prohibited within the state unless
the processor is licensed under this article.

2. Cannabinoid hemp and hemp extracts used for human consumption and
grown or processed outside the state shall not be distributed or sold at
retail within the state, unless they meet all standards established for
cannabinoid hemp under state law and regulations.

3. The retail sale of cannabinoid hemp is prohibited in this state
unless the retailer is licensed under this article.

* NB Repealed 6 months after the full cannabis control board created
by Article 2 of the cannabis law has been appointed