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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Funeral directing; schools; approval
Public Health (PBH) CHAPTER 45, ARTICLE 34, TITLE 2
§ 3425. Funeral directing; schools; approval. 1. Any school for
funeral directors may apply to the commissioner for the issuance of a
certificate of approval as maintaining a satisfactory standard, so that
students desiring to engage in the business or practice of funeral
directing in the state of New York may receive credit for attendance at
such school.

2. Such application shall be made upon a form prescribed and furnished
by the commissioner which shall contain such information as the
commissioner may require.

3. (a) The commissioner shall cause to be made such investigation and
inspection of such school as he may deem necessary, and thereafter the
department shall issue a certificate of approval to each school for
funeral directors approved by the department as maintaining a
satisfactory standard.

(b) A certificate of approval issued under this section shall be valid
for one year.

4. (a) A school for funeral directors located outside the state of New
York shall pay the traveling and other expenses incurred by
representatives of the department in making such investigation and
inspection as the commissioner may prescribe.

(b) Each certificate of approval may be renewed for additional periods
of one year.

5. The commissioner may, in lieu of the foregoing approval procedures,
accept the certification of accreditation issued by an accrediting
organization recognized by the department of health.