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This entry was published on 2021-12-24
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Birth certificate; form and content
Public Health (PBH) CHAPTER 45, ARTICLE 41, TITLE 3
§ 4132. Birth certificate; form and content. 1. The certificate of
birth shall contain such information, including the social security
numbers of the parents, and be in such form as the commissioner may

2. The personal particulars called for shall be obtained from a
competent person acquainted with the facts.

3. (a) The certificate shall be signed by the attending physician or
nurse-midwife, with date of signature and his or her address.

(b) If there was no physician or nurse-midwife, in attendance, then
the certificate of birth shall be signed by the father or mother of the
child, householder, owner of the premises, director or other person in
charge of the public or private institution where the birth occurred, or
by any other competent person whose duty it is to notify the local
registrar of such birth.

4. The registrar shall enter the exact date of filing of the
certificate of birth in his office attested by his official signature
and registered number of birth.

5. Each parent of the child may choose to be designated on the
original certificate of birth or by amendment as "father" or "mother" or