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Records; general duties of registrars
Public Health (PBH) CHAPTER 45, ARTICLE 41, TITLE 7
§ 4170. Records; general duties of registrars. Each registrar shall:

(a) supply blank forms of certificates to such persons as require

(b) examine each certificate of birth or death when presented for
record in order to ascertain whether or not it has been made out in
accordance with the provisions of this article and the instructions of
the commissioner;

(c) number consecutively the certificates of birth and death, in two
separate series, beginning with the number one for the first birth and
the first death, in each calendar year, and sign his name as registrar
in attest of the date of filing in his office;

(d) make a complete and accurate copy of each birth and death
certificate registered by him in such form as approved by the

(e) file the permit for each burial, or cremation or other disposition
of bodies of deceased persons in his district as the local record, in
such manner as directed by the commissioner and which shall be subject
to disposition at such time and in such manner as may be prescribed by
rules and regulations promulgated by the commissioner;

(f) at such times as the commissioner shall direct, and as otherwise
ordered by the commissioner as provided in section four thousand one
hundred seventy-two of this chapter transmit to the commissioner all
original certificates, including reports of foundlings, as required by
section three hundred ninety-eight of the social services law, and
orders relating to parentage registered by him;

(g) maintain a count of reports of fetal death with such reports to be
destroyed at the end of each month.

(h) immediately notify the division of criminal justice services in
the event that a copy of a birth certificate or information concerning
the birth records of any person whose record is flagged pursuant to
paragraph (i) of subdivision two of section four thousand one hundred of
this article is requested. In the event that a copy of the birth
certificate of a person whose record is so flagged is requested in
person, the registrar's personnel accepting the request shall
immediately notify his or her supervisor who shall notify the local law
enforcement agency and department in accordance with regulations
promulgated by the department. The person making the request shall
complete a form as prescribed by the commissioner, which shall include
the name, address, telephone numbers and social security numbers of the
person making the request. A motor vehicle operator's license, or if
such license is not available, such other identification as the
commissioner determines to be satisfactory, shall be presented,
photocopied and returned to him or her. When a copy of the birth
certificate of a person whose record has been flagged is requested in
writing, the registrar shall notify the local law enforcement agency and
the department in accordance with regulations promulgated by the