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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Records; correction of defective registration
Public Health (PBH) CHAPTER 45, ARTICLE 41, TITLE 7
§ 4176. Records; correction of defective registration. 1. If defects
be found in the registration under the supervision of a registrar of
vital statistics, the commissioner shall notify such registrar that such
defects must be corrected within ten days of the date of the notice.

2. If such defects are not so corrected the commissioner shall take
control of such registration and of the records thereof, and enforce the
rules and regulations in regard thereto and secure a complete
registration in such district, and such control shall continue until the
registrar of vital statistics shall satisfy the commissioner that he
will make such record and registry complete as required by law and in
the sanitary code.

3. The expenses incurred by the commissioner or his authorized
representative while in control of such registration shall be a charge
upon the city, town or village comprising the registration district.

4. No certificate of birth or death, after its acceptance for
registration by the registrar, and no new certificate or other record
made in pursuance of this article, shall be altered or changed in any
respect except to correct errors made in completing the certificate by
the person responsible for preparing the certificate or as otherwise
provided in this article. The commissioner shall provide the application
form for a correction of a record which must be properly dated, signed
and witnessed, or subscribed and affirmed by the persons making them as
true under the penalties of perjury, together with such supporting
proofs as may be prescribed by the commissioner.