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Boards of visitors; reports to commissioner and governor
Public Health (PBH) CHAPTER 45, ARTICLE 4, TITLE 2
§ 425. Boards of visitors; reports to commissioner and governor. 1.
The board of visitors of each hospital in the department shall make a
written report to the commissioner and to the governor within ten days
after each inspection, such report to be signed by each member making
the inspection. Such report shall state in detail the condition of the
hospital and of its patients, and such other matters pertaining to the
management and affairs thereof as in the opinion of the board of
visitors should be brought to the attention of the commissioner or the
governor, and may contain recommendations as to needed improvement in
the hospital or in its management.

2. Each board of visitors shall make to the commissioner in January of
each year a detailed report of the results of its visits and
inspections, with suitable suggestions and such other matters as may be
required of it by the commissioner for the year ending on the
thirty-first day of December preceding the day of such report. Such
report shall be prepared by a committee of the board of visitors,
subject to the approval of the board.