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Directors of hospitals; general powers and duties
Public Health (PBH) CHAPTER 45, ARTICLE 4, TITLE 4
§ 452. Directors of hospitals; general powers and duties. 1. The
director of each hospital in the department shall be the executive
officer of the hospital and shall:

(a) be in immediate charge of the activities and management of the
hospital, subject to the supervision and control of the commissioner;

(b) except as otherwise provided with respect to the treasurer, and
subject to the approval of the commissioner, appoint and remove all
members of the staff and all other employees of the hospital;

(c) annually, in the month of January, report to the commissioner of
the activities of the hospital for the calendar year ending with the
preceding thirty-first day of December;

(d) submit at each meeting of the board of visitors, a report showing
changes in population, health of patients, officers and employees;
accidents, suicides, unusual sickness, communicable diseases; important
occurrences relating to the welfare of the patients and to the
management and discipline of the employees, and such other matters as
the board of visitors may specify; and,

(e) perform such other duties as the commissioner may require.

2. Nothing in this chapter shall prevent the adoption, by any director
of a hospital in the department, of rules pertaining to duties of
officers and employees of the hospital under his charge or for internal
government, discipline and management of the hospital, consistent with
the provisions of the civil service law, the rules promulgated pursuant
thereto and the rules of the commissioner, but any rule of the director
shall be subject to revocation or suspenison by the commissioner.