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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Permits; display; renewal; duplicates
Public Health (PBH) CHAPTER 45, ARTICLE 4-A
§ 464. Permits; display; renewal; duplicates. 1. All permits shall be
for a period of two years.

2. No permit shall be assignable or transferable.

3. Each permit issued pursuant to this article shall be posted and
kept posted in some conspicuous place in the body piercing studio or
tattoo studio in which the permittee is engaged in the practice of body
piercing or tattooing.

4. Any permit which has not been suspended or revoked, may, upon the
payment of the renewal fee prescribed by the commissioner, be renewed
for additional periods of two years from its expiration, upon the filing
on any application for such renewal, on a form to be prescribed by the

5. Any person, firm, corporation, partnership or other association
failing to file application and fee for renewal of a permit within one
year immediately following the expiration of his last permit shall pay
an additional fee as prescribed by the commissioner.

6. A duplicate permit may be issued for one lost, destroyed or
mutilated upon application therefor on a form prescribed by the
commissioner and the payment of the fee prescribed therefor by the
commissioner. Each such duplicate permit shall have the word "duplicate"
stamped across the face thereof and shall bear the same number as the
one it replaces.