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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Annual statement
Public Health (PBH) CHAPTER 45, ARTICLE 46-A
* § 4658. Annual statement. 1. Within four months of close of an
operator's fiscal year, unless an extension of time to file has been
granted, the operator shall file an annual statement with the
commissioner showing the condition as of the last day of the preceding
calendar or fiscal year. If the commissioner does not receive the annual
statement within four months of the end of the operator's fiscal year or
has not granted an extension of time to file, the council may charge a
late fee.

2. The annual statement shall be in such form as the council
prescribes and shall contain at least the following:

a. Any change in status with respect to the information required to be
submitted pursuant to section forty-six hundred fifty-seven of this

b. Financial statements audited by an independent certified public
accountant, which shall contain, for two or more periods if the
community has been in existence that long, the following:

(i) notes to the financial statements considered customary or
necessary to ensure full disclosure of the financial statements,
financial condition, and operation; and

(ii) an accountant's opinion and, in accordance with generally
accepted accounting principles: (A) a balance sheet, (B) a statement of
income and expenses, (C) a statement of equity or fund balances, and (D)
a statement of changes in financial position;

c. A detailed listing of the assets maintained for the reserves; and

d. Such other reasonable financial and other information as the
council may require with respect to the operator or the community, or
its directors, controlling persons, trustees, members, branches,
subsidiaries or affiliates to determine the financial status of the
community and the management capabilities of the operator.

3. Sixty days before commencement of each calendar or fiscal year or
official opening date, whichever is applicable, each operator shall file
with the commissioner a computation of the annual long-term debt service
and a projected annual revenue and expense summary for the next ten

* NB There are 2 § 4658's