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This entry was published on 2018-06-08
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Autopsy and Dissection
Public Health (PBH) CHAPTER 45, ARTICLE 42

Section 4209. Autopsies; right to perform.

4209-a. Procedure for obtaining identification by persons

opposed to the dissection or autopsy of their bodies

upon their death.

4210. Deceased persons; right to dissect.

4210-a. Unlawful dissection of the body of a human being.

4210-b. Certain unauthorized autopsies.

4210-c. Limitations to dissection or autopsy.

4211. Cadavers; unclaimed; delivery to schools for study.

4212. Cadavers; unclaimed; delivery to schools; procedure.

4213. Cadavers; delivery to relatives or friends.

4214. Cadavers; autopsy by order of hospital authorities.

4215. Cadavers; burial after autopsy and dissection.

4216. Body stealing.

4217. Receiving stolen body of a human being.

4218. Opening graves.

4219. Arresting or attaching a dead body of a human being.

4220. Disturbing funerals.

4221. Removal of eyes and/or parts thereof after death.

4222. Removal of corneal tissue for transplant and pituitary

gland tissue for the extraction of growth hormone.