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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Certain patents and grants ratified
Public Lands (PBL) CHAPTER 46, ARTICLE 2
§ 12. Certain patents and grants ratified. All patents of lands
issued before July eleventh, eighteen hundred and eighty-one, pursuant
to resolutions of the commissioners of the land office, and sold by them
at private sale to purchasers in good faith, purporting to convey the
right, title and interest of the people of this state in and to any
state lands, except lands under water in the bay or harbor of New York
or adjacent thereto, have been ratified and confirmed, to as full an
extent as though the same had been sold at public auction, according to
law, but not so as to affect any action pending July eleventh, eighteen
hundred and eighty-one, or to impair, release or discharge any right,
claim or interest of any person in and to such lands. All grants made
by the commissioners of the land office prior to March twenty-fifth,
eighteen hundred and forty-one, of parts of lots for which payments were
made and certified in the manner prescribed by law, have been confirmed.