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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Office of General Services
Public Lands (PBL) CHAPTER 46

Section 2. State-owned real property inventory and management


2-a. Certain transfers of jurisdiction over state-owned lands

and declarations of abandonment by the commissioner of

general services.

2-b. Transfers of certain funds.

3. Powers and duties; leases.

4. Vesting of crown lands in the people of the state.

5. Letters patent, form and contents; to be recorded in the

office of the secretary of state.

6. Determination of claims based on alleged failure of title.

7. Partition of lands held by the state in joint tenancy or

tenancy in common.

8. Trespasses upon state lands.

9. Penalty for trespasses.

10. Power to investigate before grant.

11. Power to confirm defective grant.

12. Certain patents and grants ratified.

12-a. Certain patents ratified and confirmed.

13. Grants to heirs, devisees or successors in interest.

14. Time of performing conditions of grant.

15. Prohibitions as to grants in Lake George.

15-a. Filling in the state owned bed of Lake George prohibited.

16. Reservation of Esopus island.

17. Payment of incumbrances on public lands; adverse claims;


17-a. Abandonment of claims under defective tax sales; recovery

of taxes paid thereon by state.

18. Expenses chargeable to special funds.

19. Taxes and assessments for local improvements on state


19-a. State aid; certain state-leased or state-owned lands.

19-b. State aid; certain state-owned or reacquired lands.

20. Grants of lands in Onondaga salt springs reservation

designated on certain map.

21. Conveyance of strips of abandoned canal lands and Onondaga

salt springs reservation land.

22. Management of sand and gravel resources.

23. Disposition of moneys received from sale of certain state

lands and sand and gravel thereon.

24. Sale or exchange of certain detached parcels of forest

preserve lands.

25. Sale or exchange of real property owned by the state and

devoted to the use of the organized militia.

26. Refunds when sales cannot be completed.

27. Acquisition of real property by purchase or appropriation.

28. Transfer of state lands or watershed conservation

easements to the city of New York for water supply

protection purposes.

29. Watershed conservation easements and watershed

agricultural easements.