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State aid; certain state-owned or reacquired lands
Public Lands (PBL) CHAPTER 46, ARTICLE 2
§ 19-b. State aid; certain state-owned or reacquired lands. 1. State
aid shall be payable to any municipal corporation or special district as
such terms are defined by section one hundred two of the real property
tax law and hereinafter collectively referred to in this section as
"taxing authority", when on any assessment roll the taxable assessed
valuation in such taxing authority is decreased in any year by reason of
the transfer of title or possession of land or improvements thereon to
the state or an agency of the state located at West Valley, Cattaraugus
county and theretofore utilized by the corporation known as "Nuclear
Fuel Services, Inc.".

2. The state aid payable to a taxing authority pursuant to this
section shall be computed and paid during the first fiscal year of any
such taxing authority commencing on or after January first, nineteen
hundred eighty-one, and during each fiscal year thereafter. Such state
aid shall in each year be equal to the amount of taxes levied or which
would have been levied by or in behalf of the taxing authority against
such lands and the improvements thereon on the last assessment roll
finally completed in nineteen hundred eighty.

3. Such state aid shall be payable upon application to the state
comptroller by the chief fiscal officer of the taxing authority which
qualifies for aid pursuant to this section. The application shall be
made on a form prescribed by such comptroller and shall contain such
information as such comptroller shall require. On or before January
fifteenth the comptroller, in consultation with the board of real
property services and other agencies as may be appropriate, shall submit
to the governor and the legislature an annual accounting of state aid
paid pursuant to this section during the preceding and current fiscal
years. Such accounting shall include, but not be limited to the number,
type and amount of such payments, as well as an estimate of payments to
be made during the remainder of the current fiscal year and during the
following fiscal year.