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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Sale or exchange of certain detached parcels of forest preserve lands
Public Lands (PBL) CHAPTER 46, ARTICLE 2
§ 24. Sale or exchange of certain detached parcels of forest preserve
lands. Any state department or agency, at the time having jurisdiction
over any of the lands hereinafter specified, may consent to a sale or
exchange by the commissioner of general services of any lands of the
state, now owned or hereafter acquired, constituting the forest
preserve, but outside of the Adirondack and Catskill parks as now fixed
by law and not acquired or dedicated for the practice of forest or wild
life conservation, and consisting in any case of not more than one
hundred contiguous acres entirely separated from any other portion of
the forest preserve. Upon such consent being filed with the
commissioner in writing, accompanied by a description of such lands, the
commissioner may in his discretion sell or exchange any of such lands in
accordance with the consent.

All sales shall be subject to and governed by the provisions of
sections thirty-three, thirty-five, thirty-seven, thirty-seven-a,
thirty-eight, thirty-eight-a and thirty-nine of this chapter, being
general provisions governing the sale of unappropriated state lands.
All moneys derived by the commissioner from such sales, not including
any refunds made pursuant to section twenty-six of this law, shall be
paid first to repay any expenditures made by the office of general
services with relation to forest preserve lands from moneys appropriated
to said office in the first instance for the administration, management,
utilization and disposition of real property of the state and any rights
or interests therein, and any balance of such moneys remaining after
repayment of the first instance expenditures shall be paid through the
office of general services into a special fund of the state treasury,
provided for that purpose by the state finance law and known as the
forest preserve expansion fund, and shall be expended only as provided
in that law. All of such moneys received during any month shall be so
paid on or before the fifteenth day of the succeeding month.

All exchanges shall be only for additional lands for the forest
preserve within either the Adirondack or Catskill park as now fixed by
law and shall be subject to approval by the attorney general of the
title to the lands thus to be acquired by the state.