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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Leave of absence for certain appointive state officers; temporary vacancy
Public Officers (PBO) CHAPTER 47, ARTICLE 4
§ 62-a. Leave of absence for certain appointive state officers;
temporary vacancy. A person holding a state office by appointment of the
governor, or of the governor by and with the consent of the senate, may
be granted by the governor, on the application of such person, a leave
of absence from such office, without pay, for a stated period less than
the remainder of the unexpired term. The office shall be deemed vacant
for the purpose only of filling it, in the manner provided by law, for a
term expiring at the end of such period. At or after the end of such
period, the person who is granted such leave of absence, if not then
disqualified, may resume such office, its title, duties and salary for
the unexpired regular term, without reappointment, and the interim
incumbent, if any, shall cease to hold it. On or after the beginning of
such period, such person, if otherwise eligible, may be appointed to and
hold any other appointive office in the state service; but he shall
resign therefrom before resuming such former office under the foregoing
provisions. A person resuming such office shall file in the office of
the department of state his statement in writing that he elects to and
does resume it pursuant to this section.