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Powers and Duties of Public Officers
Public Officers (PBO) CHAPTER 47

Section 60. Official seals of court of appeals, governor and state

departments, divisions and bureaus.

61. Investigations by state officers.

62. Business in public offices on public holidays.

62-a. Leave of absence for certain appointive state officers;

temporary vacancy.

63. Leave of absence for veterans on Memorial day and

Veterans' day.

64. Payment of expenses of public officers.

64-a. Patent policy.

66. Interchangeable use of gender neutral and gender specific

titles of public offices.

66-a. Accident reports kept by police authorities to be open to

the inspection of persons interested.

67. Fees of public officers.

67-a. Fees for certification or exemplification.

68. Allowance of additional fees and expenses.

68-a. Fees for oath or acknowledgment.

69. Fee for administering certain official oaths prohibited.

69-a. Interest to be paid and collected on all deposits of

public moneys amounting to one thousand dollars or more.

70. Accounting for fees.

70-a. Fees to be paid by public officers for public


70-b. Certificate on printed copies of laws.

71. Vacations for employees of the state.

72. Notices and reports of claims, suits or causes of action

to be given to the attorney-general.

72-a. Penalty of officer for failure to execute mandate and make


73. Business or professional activities by state officers and

employees and party officers.

73-a. Financial disclosure.

73-b. Advertisements by elected government officials and

candidates made with public funds; prohibited.

74. Code of ethics.

74-a. Duty of public officers regarding the physically


75. Bribery of members of the legislature.

75-a. Appearance by a person convicted of a crime of corruption.

76. Receiving bribes by members of legislature.

77. Unlawful fees and payments.

77-a. Members of the legislature liable to forfeiture of office.

78. Certification of members, officers and employees.

79. Fine in certain cases.