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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Inspection of gas and electric meters
Public Service (PBS) CHAPTER 48, ARTICLE 4
§ 67. Inspection of gas and electric meters. 1. The commission shall
appoint inspectors of electric and gas meters whose duty it shall be,
when required by the commission, to inspect, examine and ascertain the
accuracy of any and all electric and gas meters used or intended to be
used for measuring and ascertaining the quantity of electric current or
gas furnished for light, heat or power by any person, corporation or
municipality to or for the use of any person or corporation, and to
inspect, examine and ascertain the accuracy of all apparatus for testing
and proving the accuracy of electric and gas meters, and when found to
be or made to be correct the inspector shall stamp or mark all such
meters and apparatus with some suitable device, which device shall be
recorded in the office of the secretary of state. No corporation,
person or municipality shall furnish, set or put in use any electric or
gas meter the type of which shall not have been approved by the

2. Every gas corporation, electric corporation and municipality shall
provide, repair and maintain such suitable premises and apparatus and
facilities as may be required and approved by the commission for testing
and proving the accuracy of gas and electric meters furnished for use by
it, and by which apparatus every meter may be tested.

3. If any consumer to whom a meter has been furnished shall request
the commission in writing to inspect such meter, the commission shall
have the same inspected and tested; provided, however, that repeated
inspections and tests shall not be mandatory.

4. The commission shall prescribe such rules and regulations to carry
into effect the provisions of this section as it may deem necessary.