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Provisions Relating to Gas and Electric Corporations; Regulation of Price of Gas and Electricity
Public Service (PBS) CHAPTER 48


Section 64. Application of article.

65. Safe and adequate service; just and reasonable charges;

unjust discrimination; unreasonable preference;

protection of privacy.

65-a. Notification to social services officials.

65-b. Service to persons applying for or receiving public

assistance, supplemental security income benefits or

additional state payments.

66. General powers of commission in respect to gas and


66-a. Conservation of gas, declaration of policy, delegation

of power.

66-b. Continuation of gas service.

66-c. Conservation of energy.

66-d. Contract carrier authorization.

66-e. Monitoring of natural gas procurement.

66-f. Purchase and procurement of natural gas at lowest

available price.

66-g. Sale of indigenous natural gas for generation of


66-h. Certain electric corporations; payment equivalent to


66-j. Net energy metering for residential solar, farm waste,

non-residential solar electric generating systems,

micro-combined heat and power generating equipment,

fuel cell electric generating equipment, fuel-flexible

linear generator electric generating equipment, and

micro-hydroelectric generating equipment.

66-k. Allowance credit trading or sales.

66-l. Net energy metering for residential, farm service and

non-residential wind electric generating systems.

66-m. Green jobs-green New York on-bill recovery.

66-n. Net metering study.

66-o. Electric vehicle charging tariff.

66-p. Establishment of a renewable energy program.

66-q. Gas and electric billing information for residential

rental premises.

66-r. Requirements for certain renewable energy systems.

66-s. Electric vehicle charging; commercial tariff.

66-t. Thermal energy network development.

66-t*2. Registration of energy brokers and energy consultants.

66-u. Gas safety reports.

66-v. Requirements for certain climate risk-related and energy

transition projects.

66-w. Finality of charges; small non-residential customers.

67. Inspection of gas and electric meters.

67-a. Charges for past services.

68. Certificate of public convenience and necessity.

68-a. Statements of nature and extent of interests to be filed

upon request.

69. Approval of issues of stock, bonds and other forms of

indebtedness; approval of mergers or consolidations.

69-a. Reorganizations.

70. Transfer of franchises or stocks.

70-a. Street lights.

71. Complaints as to quality and price of gas and

electricity; investigation by commission; forms of


72. Notice and hearing; order fixing price of gas or

electricity or requiring improvement.

72-a. Increased fuel costs.

73. Compensation to customers experiencing widespread

prolonged outages.

73-a. Prioritization of emergency services.

74. Energy storage deployment policy.

74-a. Westchester county renewable energy and energy

efficiency resources program.

74-b. Long Island community choice aggregation programs.

75. Defense in case of excessive charges for gas or


76. Rates charged veteran organizations, religious bodies

and community residences.

77. Powers of local officers.