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Energy storage deployment policy
Public Service (PBS) CHAPTER 48, ARTICLE 4
§ 74. Energy storage deployment policy. 1. As used in this section
"qualified energy storage system" shall mean commercially available
technology that is capable of absorbing energy, storing it for a period
of time, and thereafter dispatching the energy using mechanical,
chemical, or thermal processes to store energy that was generated at one
time for use at a later time.

2. By December thirty-first, two thousand eighteen, the commission
shall, in consultation with the New York state energy research and
development authority, the Long Island power authority, and the
federally designated electric bulk system operator for New York state,
after a hearing held on notice, establish by order, rules and
regulations, both a two thousand thirty energy storage goal for the
state and a deployment policy to support that goal. The energy storage
deployment policy shall assist with and take the following into

(a) avoided or deferred costs associated with transmission,
distribution, and/or generation capacity;

(b) minimization of peak load in constrained areas;

(c) systems that are connected to customer facilities and systems that
are directly connected to transmission and distribution facilities;

(d) cost-effectiveness;

(e) the integration of variable-output energy resources;

(f) reducing emissions of greenhouse gases;

(g) reducing demand for peak electrical generation;

(h) improving the reliable operation of the electrical transmission or
distribution systems; and

(i) such other issues deemed appropriate by the commission.

3. To the extent that the energy storage deployment policy directs the
procurement of qualified energy storage systems to encourage their
deployment, such procurements shall be awarded through a competitive

4. Annual reports on the achievements and effectiveness of the policy
shall be submitted to the governor, the temporary president of the
senate, and the speaker of the assembly.