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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Complaints as to quality and price of gas and electricity; investigation by commission; forms of complaints
Public Service (PBS) CHAPTER 48, ARTICLE 4
§ 71. Complaints as to quality and price of gas and electricity;
investigation by commission; forms of complaints. Upon the complaint in
writing of the mayor of a city, the trustees of a village, the town
board of a town or the chief executive officer or the legislative body
of a county in which a person or corporation is authorized to
manufacture, convey, transport, sell or supply gas or electricity for
heat, light or power, or upon the complaint in writing of not less than
twenty-five customers or purchasers of such gas or electricity, or upon
the complaint in writing of the department of state, or upon a complaint
of a gas corporation or electrical corporation supplying or transmitting
said gas or electricity, as to the illuminating or heating power, purity
or pressure or the rates, charges or classifications of service of gas,
the efficiency of the electric incandescent lamp supply, the voltage of
the current supplied for light, heat or power, or the rates charged or
classification of service of electricity sold and delivered in such
municipality, or as to the extent or duration of a disruption in gas or
electricity service, the commission shall investigate as to the cause
for such complaint. When such complaint is made, the commission may, by
its agents, examiners and inspectors, inspect the works, system, plant,
devices, appliances and methods used by such person or corporation in
manufacturing, transmitting and supplying such gas or electricity, and
may examine or cause to be examined the books and papers of such person,
or corporation pertaining to the manufacture, sale, transmitting and
supplying of such gas or electricity. The form and contents of
complaints made as provided in this section shall be prescribed by the
commission. Such complaints shall be signed by the officers, or by the
customers, purchasers or subscribers making them, who must add to their
signatures their places of residence, by street and number, if any. The
commission shall publish the form and instructions for completing the
form on the commission's website.