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This entry was published on 2016-03-25
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Street lights
Public Service (PBS) CHAPTER 48, ARTICLE 4
§ 70-a. Street lights. 1. Any municipality or other government entity
proposing to acquire title to and transfer ownership of the complete
system of street light luminaires or fixtures, all supporting
infrastructure, and associated electric circuitry may file an
application with the commission to determine if there is public interest
for the commission to commence a proceeding to facilitate an ownership
transfer agreement between the owner of the street lights and the
petitioning municipality.

2. The municipality shall file an application with the commission
identifying or providing:

(a) an inventory form with pole numbers, location, light size, light
type and other relevant descriptive information; upon request an
electric corporation shall provide such information required based on
the actual cost, if any, to prepare the same;

(b) a statement explaining the need for the change in ownership
including the anticipated financial impacts to the municipality;

(c) a statement explaining the municipality's plans to retrofit the
fixtures to be acquired with energy efficient lighting; and

(d) such other information as the applicant may consider relevant or
as the commission may require.

3. Any such application filed with the commission shall be accompanied
by proof of service, and shall be served on the owner or owners of the
street light equipment and supporting infrastructure which are subject
to such proceeding. The applicant shall serve a copy of such application
on such other persons or entities as the chair may deem appropriate. The
applicant, the commission and those served shall constitute the parties
to a proceeding pursuant to this section.

4. The commission shall require any utility named as a party to a
proceeding pursuant to this section to have an effective tariff which
establishes the process to facilitate the transfer of ownership of
street light equipment, including light emitting diodes, supporting
infrastructure, any required street lighting attachment provisions, and
the rates and charges related to the foregoing.

5. The commission shall require that any agreement between the
municipality and the owner of the street lighting system provide that
any personnel that work on such street lighting system will be
electrically qualified to accommodate the environment within which the
street light equipment shall exist and/or be in compliance with
established standards associated with work in close proximity to
electrical equipment and further provide that any required make-ready
work must be performed by the utility or qualified contractor.

6. The commission shall work with the New York state energy research
and development authority to identify energy efficiency or of the
funding which would be available for municipalities for the purposes of
the section.